We are glad to meet you!
What can we do for you?
We work with figures and send reports every month
We are a full-service agency. This means that working with us, you can close all Internet marketing issues.
The best solution for you is to promote your account through target
Maintaining an account, working
with bloggers, creating a website, etc...
In your case, it's targeted advertising on Instagram
Based on the figures, you draw conclusions about the quality of our work, already in the first week.

In fact, not in words.
By better understanding your business, we offer ways to further develop your marketing
We start small. We confirm in practice
We understand that starting work with an agency is a risk for any entrepreneur.

Therefore, we have implemented a phased system of cooperation:
We select only the tools with the nearest measurable result at the start


What results will you get already at the start?
1. The growth of the number of "hot" subscribers in numbers:
2. The flow of interested users. Those who actively communicate with you in the comments and leave applications:
How does the targeted advertising setup work:
The cost of setting up an ad is 500 BYN
We also give recommendations on the advertising budget individually for your niche
CASE STUDY: results of targeted advertising, for the first month
Transitions to the website with a table reservation
Project results for 1 month of management from December 10, 2021 to January 10, 2022:
Users interacted with the content
New subscribers
per month
Georgian Cuisine Restaurant
к продвижению
Targeted advertising + improved design
(as a gift)
Account results now (after 6 months of maintenance):
Clicks on the website with a table reservation
Results for the month. From 10.05.2022 to 10.06.2022
Subscribers interacted with the content
New subscribers per month
Georgian Cuisine Restaurant
Targeted advertising + account management
Let's discuss the project and work on the first result!
Project Manager