The site is the face of your business.
Please don't make it bad.
This is a place where a client at any time can look at the necessary information, buy your product, leave a review, see photos and enjoy the visual.
Congratulations, you have a website!
The site not only represents the company online, but also promotes the product, increases sales, and attracts new people.
It works 24/7, does not whine, does not get tired, does not get sick with the "corona" and does not waste your water
Imagine that a person wants a tambourine.
Goes into a browser, opens a search engine, sees a bunch of sites, selects those that are closer.
As soon as the client enters the phrase "buy a tambourine" into the search engine, the game begins.
A person reads texts, opens pages, evaluates the design on the site and, of course, looks for what he came for - benefit.
He may like a parrot, which the designer put on a letter at the last moment, or he can hook on a convenient design and a modern font.
The site helps to exchange information and receive feedback, maintains the company's image and reflects its philosophy.
We create selling, image, promotional sites, business card sites, landing pages.
Don't know what you want?
Then, we will listen to your wishes and recommend a site that is right for you.
Selling sites attract visitors right after launch by converting visits into reply.
Image sites are used as the main landing page. They form the image of a product or company.
Promotional sites are created for a specific audience, from which a specific action is required. They are used to promote new products to the market.
Landing page is needed to develop advertising and expand the audience. This is a one-page site that contains information about the service.
Business card site is a one-page site with contact details of the organization.
If the user is satisfied with the page, congratulations - you have a boy. Or a girl. In short, you've got a client.
But this is not enough!
The site needs to be promoted and raised up, because the client is stupidly too lazy to flip through hundreds of pages in search of the desired product. Ideal when the request is ranking on the first pages of the browser. Even better - when in the first lines.
In order to secure the product in the search engines, there is SEO - a set of measures to improve the site to bring it to the TOP.
The task of high-quality SEO is to make sure that the site being promoted is as high as possible in the search results for relevant queries.
As a result, the site receives targeted traffic, and the business receives interested customers.
If the site is made with high quality, repeat sales and loyal customers are guaranteed.
We talk with the customer and analyze the site
Time is a valuable resource, and people don't want to spend an hour looking for a tambourine, trombone, or a picture frame for their beloved mom.
How do we promote websites?
We develop a strategy
We create and execute technical specifications (SEO-specialist and programmer work)
We evaluate the result
We draw up a report
Correcting and correcting
Don't want to get a tambourine from your competitors?
Don't skimp on website creation and promotion.
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