How we make money for clients
Logo is assigned to the business to prevent it getting lost among competitors.
The logo has an associative function.
Thanks to the logos consumers distinguish one product from another.
This is not a quick-and-dirty drawing in a mobile editor, but the most important element in brand design.
A logo is a trademark that conveys the idea and philosophy of a brand to people.
A good logo comes at a price.
It informs the buyer about the manufacturer, reveals the company's philosophy and forms an impression.
The trademark protects the services of the company because it is its property.
A beautiful logo is a must-have for a company that values its uniqueness.
If a cookie is dropped into hot tea, it will change shape and dissolve. You will lose pleasure and not get the taste.
So it is with the logo - if you will not pay enough attention on it, the service will dissolve in a stream of hot offers.
Business will lose its zest, and you will lose cookies, that is, profit
By using someone else's logo, the company runs the risk of receiving a "letter of happiness" with a frightening seal.
Advertising agency "Chisty List" creates clear, reliable and memorable logos. They do not frighten and do not make the client want to look away.
Hey, guy, buy it - it's worth it" - the philosophy of our work.

We don't just draw a cool logo - we draw money and style.
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