Have a business? Need a brand.
If the company doesn’t develop its brand, the product becomes invisible.
People want you but can’t find
They may want your product even more than relax on a beach.

This is a mental package with a rustling bow.
Its content conquers the market and the hearts that require spectacles.
There are a slogan, fonts, cover, logo and advertising platforms.
This is a unique style, without which the product is lost among competitors.
By abandoning branding, you put on an invisible hat on your business, making it inconspicuous to others.
Identify yourself in the market, occupy a worthy niche, just say: “I am a brand, prepare your hearts!”
and an invisible hat
Don't skimp on it
The image, that is missing
“Chisty list” promotes business,
Boldly, but with love, showing his strengths.
Not just a logo.
Not just a style:
Study the needs of the target audience
Find weaknesses of the competitors
Form the main message for the client
Build a market positioning strategy
Convert everything to visual format
(logo, corporate identity, etc.)
Test the perception of real
Create a brand book
Brand book is an official document of the company, which describes the concept of the brand, brand values, positioning of the company.
Also, the brand book is a guide to the use of all elements of the corporate identity on various media.
What does the owner of the brand book lose?
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